Help us give our students an exciting playground structure to meet their fun and fitness needs.  Be on the lookout for a Donor's Choose page coming at the beginning of April!

My Students

Our school is one of seven elementary schools in our district serves kindergarten through fifth grades, a county preschool, and some district special programs. the enrollment is 496 with two to four classes at each grade level. The ethnic composition of the student body is 69% Hispanic, 24% Caucasian, and 7% other designations. English and Spanish are the most common languages spoken in the community.
Our ultimate goal is to collaboratively create an educational atmosphere that is safe and enriching for all students.
Parents play a vital role at the school with their active participation and involvement in the School Site Council (SSC), English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC), the Parent Teacher Club (PTC) now known as "CHAMPS", annual events and volunteering at the school and in the classrooms. Activities include but are not limited to an annual FUN RUN, a Harvest Festival, Dinner Nights at local restaurants, an annual Book Fair, school assemblies, a "VIP" Dance, evening performances and more.

My Project

Our school first opened back in 2001. At that time, it was originally planned to be a temporary school site. Due to the unexpected growth in our community and availability of funds, there have been limited upgrades to the playground area. When the school was first built, two play structures were installed on the playground, one for the primary students and the other for our intermediate students. Over the years, these play structures have suffered damage and extreme "wear and tear." Specifically, the structure originally intended for intermediate grade levels is in desperate need of replacement.
We are dedicated to providing our students with a safe environment where they can play and enjoy outside activities.  Physical activity is known to boost brain function. After investigating numerous companies that design play structures.  We've determined that Miracle Playsystems provides the best overall design for the available space and includes multiple functions that help to meet the physical fitness requirements for the state of California.

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Our Current Intermediate Play Structure