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Introducing the SCRIP Program
A way to help your child's school financially, at no cost to you!
Here are the basics on how it works...

English version                        Spanish version


Please see the First Street School Calendar for dates to order and pick up deliveries

Please be sure your SCRIP order is in the office 
by the end of the school day
to be sure it's included!

Thank you for supporting First Street School PTC with SCRIP!

Please make checks payable to : First Street School PTC

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English versions:                                      Spanish versions:
Order Form has two pages:first,second  Forma de Pedido: Son dos paginas: uno, dos 
About setting up Online Ordering
Information about Presto-Pay online  Informacion de Presto-Pay
How to set up Presto-Pay  Mas Informacion de Presto-Pay
Reloading your Cards Online
 Retailers Lists: 1   2   3   4   5   6