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Miss Moya's Elementary Academy 5th Grade! New content below...including the newest Supply Request List

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Please use the links on the First Street School Homework Help page as needed to complete work. Any links not provided on the school website will be available to students through their private WPUSD Drive Accounts. The homework is listed on the above calendar daily.  If you are unable to attend, but do have the energy to work, contact me.  I'll help you stay caught up.

Don't forget to call a study buddy if you need to get information or as a first resource for help, after using the textbook, and/or the website(s) associated with the skill or curriculum.  You may use other appropriate web resources for assistance, too.  If you need to, please
contact me!    Do your honorable best!

See you in class!

Miss Moya

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Please check that your child always has two working black whiteboard markers at school! Thank you!

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Quizzes, Tests, Formative (formal and informal) and Summative Assessments will be the primary grading data source.

CW, Classwork, and HW, Homework, including activities, practice and projects is considered work done for experience, gain in mastery, basic requirements, and participatory status.   Reliability and level of preparation for learning opportunities will be noted!


Illuminate: Program through which many assessments will be delivered, and Grade Books kept.

Docs/Drive   Individual Student Google account within WPUSD; accessible online, does not support email.  Coursework and Assessments will be shared through Drive Accounts.

SI   Study Island - Student Choice driven and Teacher Assignment Online Math and ELA practice site directly supportive of CA Standards.  Has mini-lessons and Khan Academy Videos embedded. 

iReady   - Practice Driven Online Math and ELA practice site directly supportive of CA Standards.

Lexia   Online ELA practice website.  Supports vocabulary acquisition via practice with Greek and Latin roots.

Psn   Pearson eNVision Math Curriculum  Typical HW examples: Consumable workbook is listed as: PsnPB 2-3 (Pearson Math Practice Book Topic 2, Lesson 3), or Online Practice listed as: PsnOL 20m (Pearson Online lessons 20 minutes solid work time)

RCC   Ready Common Core (RCC-W is Ready Common Core Writing, RCC-R: Reading, RCC-M: Math - consumable workbook. 
HO   Handout - Probably not available online - copy given to the students.

CC-M   Common Core Practice Skillsbook for Mathematics, or CC-ELA, English Language Arts

DOL   Used to be "Daily Oral Language" but now we do the worksheets in whole, and use the acronym to mean to "QC" it, as in to check for correctness in conventions of spelling, subject-verb agreement, punctuation, and clarity. AKA "Editing". ("Revision" means moving around the ideas, so they sound organized and fluid.)

QC   Quality Control!  Check for quality!

QinA   The appropriate formatting of a response to a question includes the question embedded in the answer.  Ex.  Why did Bob wear his purple shirt?  Answer incorrectly formatted: Because it was Friday.  Correctly formatted (and very complete!): Bob wore his purple shirt because it was a Friday Spirit Day at his school; purple is the school color; and Bob wanted to support his classmates in showing Roadrunner loyalty.

Cornell (Style) Notes   Notes taken using columns to separate page #s and main ideas, from details, in brief.  More likely found in expository/explanatory/ informational and opinion textwork.

Mountain (Style) Notes   Notes taken in a prescribed mountain outline format, generally for ELA or Social Studies.  More likely used in Literature Analysis, and Writing narratives for showing rise and fall in action, or plot development.

QS   QuickSketch Notes - Notes taken using annotated graphics.  Used across curriculum.

(TBA)   Chapter books reviewed for Literature earn their own abbreviations!

Sp   Spelling words (only as needed, and often embedded in V/Sp.)

SS   Social Studies

V/Sp   Vocab/Spelling - a list of ten enrichment words that often come from literature, contemporary math concepts,  in-class discussions, and student suggestions. These are assessed for spelling, parts of speech, and contextual definition.

          For these ten words, we learn and are assessed on: the spelling, POS (Parts of Speech -noun, verb, etc.) in which that word may be used without changing any affixes, and the usage of the word in context. We also practice legibility by doing alternating V/Sp entries in cursive and manuscript.  

          The regular steps/tasks are as follows:

1) Alphabetize. 
2) Using a dictionary, (preferably not online!) identify the part(s) of speech and definition, for which the word is used without affixes or spelling changes. 
3) Draw a Quicksketch for the word as a mnemonic,   and 
4) Write a context-rich sentence for the vocabulary word.  (Don't forget - odds in manuscript, evens in cursive!)  Finally,
5) Brainstorm related words - words with the same root, then synonyms and antonyms, and contexts in which you might use the word.  Use it/them!
The best sentence uses the vocabulary word such that the only word that makes sense in place of the vocabulary word in the sentence is a synonym of the same part of speech.  A poor, a borderline, and an excellent example:

1.   miniscule, adj., My breakfast was miniscule this morning.  (You could substitute hot, green, cold, any adjective.)

1.   miniscule, adj., My breakfast of two peas this morning was miniscule.  (Getting there, but one could say green, etc., still.)

1.    miniscule, adj., Compared to my brother's plate heaped with spaghetti and meatballs so full it nearly spilled, my breakfast of two peas was miniscule.  Related words: mini, miniature, synonym: tiny antonym: huge (This is exemplary work, as the substitution of tiny is one of the few words that makes good sens

Is there an acronym or abbreviation that needs to be edited or included?  Please let me know!  amoya@wpusd.org