District Wide Broadcast Message

Mr. Justice's Science Class

Science Rocks!!!!!!!!! Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!!!
   I look forward to  a fun and exciting school year.  I will be teaching the first through third grade classes both earth and physical science.  The classroom teacher at these grade levels is responsible for covering the majority of the life science unit.  In grades four and five I will be teaching all three science units: life, earth, and physical.  Listed below you can view what units each grade level will cover.  We are in the process of fully implementing the NGSS standards.

First Grade:
  • Waves: Light & Sound
  • Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles

Second Grade:

  • Structure & Properties of Matter
  • Processes That Shape the Earth
  • Plant adventures

Third Grade:

  • Forces & Interactions
  • Life Cycles & Traits
  • Weather & Climate

Fourth Grade:

  • Energy
  • Waves
  • Processes That Shape the Earth
  • Structure, Function, and Information Processing

Fifth Grade:

  • Structure & Properties of Matter
  • Matter & Energy in Organisms and Ecosystems
  • Stars & the Solar System

If you have any questions about what we will be learning this year please feel free to call me @

Mr. Justice